The Quintana Adventures

About The Books

The Quintana Adventures are fast-paced, action-packed thrillers that start in celebrity-obsessed Hollywood and go careening around the globe.

Steven Quintana is a former Army Ranger Reconnaissance Photographer who gathered visual evidence of the misdeeds of dictators, rebel soldiers, and cartel kings. He has preternatural powers of observation, a photographic memory, and can survive in hostile environments for weeks without detection.

He also has the wounds – both physical and psychological – to show for his efforts. How does a wounded warrior translate those skills into a regular life?

Julia Travers is a smart, beautiful and famous actress, and she is committed to helping Steven Quintana find peace and a place in the world – if he’d only he’d let her. She’s a self-made woman with grit and talent, and she sees past his troubles to recognize his potential.

Steven and Julia must overcome impossible dilemmas in The Quintana Adventures. If you like snappy dialogue from crackling characters in dangerous situations, these books are for you.


Bull’s work is up there with Connelly, Cussler, and Patterson when it comes to creating an intense, exciting thrill ride, full of technical expertise, whether it’s Hollywood, espionage, or travel. And he as the guts to take his lead character into situations that you will have to read to believe.

Sample Amazon Review, 4.9 out of 5 Stars