Donald Bull is an executive producer and showrunner who manages large productions. He has 20 years experience in unscripted TV and over ten years experience as an executive producer. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Below are samples of three shows he produced. Click the tab below for a full list of credits.

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This series ran on E! Entertainment for six years, 86 episodes, and was an international hit. I was one of the creators and the Executive Producer. Sample Episode:

Beverly Hills Nannies

This series ran on ABC Family in 2013. It was produced by Evolution Media and I was the    co-executive producer and ran the show.
Sample Episode

The Swell Life

This series chronicles a summer with world-class surfer Izzy Paskowitz and his wife, Danielle, as they raise their three children and run “Surfers Healing,” a legendary surf camp for kids with autism. This was created and produced by Ted Skillman and Belisa Balaban of Snackaholic, who hired me to run the show for them.


Sample Scene