Only in Los Angeles: The Bentley

A $200,000 Bentley is parked in front of the doors to CVS Pharmacy, which makes it difficult for people to walk through the sliding doors.

 We shake our heads and scowl, making sure the people inside the car see our disdain for their sense of entitlement.

 I get close enough to see for myself.  The driver’s seat is empty. A woman in her 40s sits in the passenger seat, sobbing. She doesn’t care who sees her.

 Why is she crying? 

 Story One: Her husband needs something in the store, and believes that because he can afford a car that costs close to a quarter-million dollars, he is entitled to park anywhere. He doesn’t care that his wife, sitting in the front seat, must endure the eye-rolls and snide comments from the passing public. His selfishness finally breaks her.

 Story Two: A loving couple has worked hard and earned enough money to afford the finer things in life. Sickness can strike anyone, however, and the wife has be diagnosed with a terminal illness and is in incredible pain. The husband parks his Bentley right in front of the doors so he can rush to the counter and get his wife her pain medication as fast as possible.

 Either story is possible. I go inside and get in line for my allergy medication. I see no one who could be the husband.

Only in Los Angeles…

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash