About Ian Bull

Donald Ian Bull grew up in San Francisco and attended UC Berkeley, moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA Film School and then stayed in Los Angeles to start a career in non-fiction TV and documentaries.

In the early 90’s, documentaries were morphing into reality television, and he worked as an editor, then director and producer on many shows, including

The Real World


The Osbournes

, and

Dr. 90210


The Picture Kills

is his first thriller about Army Ranger turned photographer Steven Quintana. He is working on the second book in the series,

Six Passengers, Five Parachutes


which will be completed at the end of 2013.

In his TV career, Donald has worked with kids at summer camp, cheerleaders, plastic surgeons, rock stars, models, actors, pot growers, soldiers, celebrities, football champions, circus performers, surfers, kids with autism, and nannies to rich people -- and now he brings those experiences to his writing.

He has directed and produced short films, including "


and the comic documentary "

Men Talk Sex,

" and has written several award-winning screenplays. He also wrote a how-to manual on how to direct true documentary reality TV, called

The Reality Manifesto

, which is available through Smashwords.com.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. In his free time, he likes to follow them around with a notebook and write down all the hilarious things they say.

He loves his family first, writing second, and California third. He also wants to be mayor of San Francisco or Los Angeles someday, but his wife won’t let him enter politics. 

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